In frames of MIRACLE project, art photonics GmbH is developing the first mid-infrared (MIR) arthroscopy probe for in-depth evaluation of articular cartilage enabling early diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis.
The main component of the probe are infrared optical fibers. Polycrystalline (PIR) or silver halide fibers are among the most promising materials for fiberoptic infrared sensors due to following significant benefits:

  1. High transmittance on fingerprint region (3 μm – 15μm), which is extremely important for biomedicine;
  2. High flexibility:
  3. Low toxicity:
  4. Low hydroscopic properties:
  5. Low attenuation in fingerprint region;
  6. Core/Clad design to minimize aging effect.

Production of PIR fibers from silver halide crystals has been developed and patented by art photonics GmbH. In the scope of the project, special research aimed to improve the fiber quality, were accomplished successfully reaching a significant increase of sensitivity and signal to noise ratio.