By empowering arthroscopy, we are placing Europe at the forefront of photonics technology

All these advanced technologies can be employed beyond our MIR-ATR arthroscopy spectrometer system, opening new horizons for several fields such as medical equipment, environment, pharmaceutic, biotechnology, process optimization and many more.

Medical equipment2020-06-26T08:49:37+00:00

Endoscopy of various body parts such as internal organs (stomach, kidney (stones), pancreas (stones), bladder (stones) – with respect to several diseases related to accessible (hollow) organs. Possible usage for veterinary medicine with larger animals (e.g. zoos).


Monitoring of soil, wells, possibly pipelines.


Dosage control, pharmacokinetics (e.g. isotope ratios).


Control of fermenter status.

Process optimisation2020-06-26T09:25:25+00:00

Control of lubricating oil health, on-line and in-line product inspection, feedback based quality control.

The Main Unit (equipped with QCls and or ICLs) can be used in laboratories, where professionals need different wavelengths for their experiments, or in the development of any kind of absorption spectrometer (fiber-based or free-space optics). Those spectrometers might be used in the industry for process control (measurement of gases and liquids in the process).

Other usages2020-06-26T08:57:57+00:00

Energy production – biogas plant monitoring, holding basin monitoring, landfill monitoring.

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