During the 25. to 28. of March 2019, the MIRACLE project has been presented in Münster during the ANAKON 2019 conference. The ANAKON conference is one of the most important Analytical Chemistry Conferences in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Julian Haas (PhD student of Boris Mizaikoff at the Institute of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Ulm University) discussed some of the latest results of the MIRACLE project in the oral presentation “Assessment of cartilage degeneration grades via mid-infrared spectral signatures”. The presentation included results from joint research activities of the partners at Ulm University, University of Eastern Finland, University of Oulu, and ArtPhotonics.

The presentation was well-frequented by the audience with a background predominantly in analytical chemistry. Especially the correlation of mid-infrared spectral signatures with cartilage degeneration grades as determined by OARSI and ICRS grading via multivariate data evaluation caught broad attention.

Intense discussions with the scientific community allowed drawing attention to the MIRACLE project within the analytical community. Most notably, Julian Haas was nominated for the István-Halász Young Scientist Award for his talk.

Presentation involving the MIRACLE project during ANAKON 2019 Conference in Münster/Germany by Julian Haas (UULM).