MIRACLE will commercialize the first mid-infrared (MIR) arthroscopy probe for quantitative determination of articular cartilage. An important component used in the proposed device is the light source. To meet the particular spectroscopic requirements of MIRACLE, nanoplus will use its extensive experience in designing and manufacturing semiconductor lasers to develop innovative quantum cascade lasers with distributed feedback (DFB).

Side view on a grating for single mode emission taken by SEM.

A DFB laser is a special design of a laser which allows spectral single mode operation. DFB lasers are based on a periodically grated structure placed in longitudinal direction on top of the waveguide. Currently nanoplus is working on the realization and optimization of the first generation of DFB lasers for the MIRACLE project. With these laser devices stable operation, precise selection of target wavelengths, narrow laser line width, mode-hop-free wavelength tunability and long-term stability will be possible.