IRIS developed a user-friendly software (the OEM Software) that will allow the surgeon and his/her medical team to access, add and edit data from the surgery, and to apply tailored treatment.

Its main specifications are:

  • Automatic discrimination (log-in based) between medical team and maintenance team.
  • Dashboard for data evaluation, settings and general information.
  • Dedicated surgery mode.
  • Integrated camera view and colour-scale.
  • Automatic measure validity checking
  • Automatic video recording
  • Auto-backup and sync with the hospital server or Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • The Cloud SaaS module is a collaborative workspace whereby historical interventions can be consulted and medical teams can engage with each other in a secure, fit-for-purpose collaboration space.

Currently, the decision-making during arthroscopy is highly subjective, relying on visual and probe inspection. These limitations are related to the lack of arthroscopy tools that could actually measure cartilage quality in a reliable way. The new MIRACLE device, with the software developed by IRIS, will allow orthopaedic surgeons to get real-time information about the biochemical composition of the cartilage tissue, leading to objective decision-making and more adequate treatment, enhancing patient’s well being. The Miracle client software is designed as a tool for the surgeons to visually check the cartilage status results provided from the AI model being able to make objective diagnosis and perform recordings of the operation process.