Last June 30th, the Report on the Standardization Landscape prepared by the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, was published under the MIRACLE Project.

This report, has been prepared to provide the partners with information about the relevant state-of-the-art in standardization activities which can be relevant for MIRACLE Project’s objectives and development, and it is included within the objectives of the dissemination tasks led by the National Institute of Biomedical Engineering, INEB.

Standards are voluntary technical documents that set out the requirements for a specific item, material, component, system or service, or describe in detail a particular method, procedure or best practice.

It is fundamental for the correct development of the project to perform an analysis in the first stages of the project to collect information about the following three aspects:

  • Summarize the legal environment which is applicable within the European Union which affects the product that the project is developing;
  • To detect published standards and future standards being developed that may be useful for the project;
  • To detect the Standardisation Technical Committees that are working on issues related to the scope of MIRACLE Project, which will be targets in the dissemination objectives of the project and which may, in the future, produce a normative document that based on its results.

This deliverable is a public document and can be found in the following link – Deliverable 7.16