The demonstrator of the MIRACLE project was completed by the project partner OptoPrecision GmbH at the end of December 2019, according to the project plan. In January 2020, the first laboratory software was implemented, which enabled the scientists of the MIRACLE team to test the device under real conditions in the laboratory of the project partner Institute of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (IABC) University Ulm in February 2020. The basic functionality was confirmed.

However, the signal-to-noise behavior was not acceptable in all measurement channels. Therefore, various technical modifications were necessary and realized until June 2020. The revised version of the instrument can be seen in the picture below.

In addition to a significantly improved measurement quality (SNR +12dB), the combination of different laser wavelengths was integrated into the device. This has led to a much more robust design and facilitates the operation of the device considerably. The next laboratory test of the revised demonstrator is planned for July 2020.