Several design iterations and fruitful discussions with the individual project partners led to an improved design of the now called nano-iBEAM beam device (sixth generation).

Based on the UULM substrate-integrated hollow technology, the nano-iBEAM facilitates the combination of multi-wavelength laser light from the seven input ports into a single output beam feeding into the central ATR probe head fibre.

Despite Covid-19 related challenges, strong cooperation between the teams from UULM and OptoPrecision led to the timely realization of the latest advanced analyser prototype system based on first test experiments comprising all essential components. The latest prototype device provides the most efficient beam combining properties to date, reducing the losses from about 12 dB (fifth generation) to anticipated losses of about 6 dB (sixth generation) upon coupling, with an again reduced device footprint.

In addition, the efficient integration of optical fibres and fibre connectors realized by nanoplus and ArtPhotonics is readily integrated into the latest nano-iBEAM design providing for more efficient light delivery than ever, as demanded for reliable medical diagnostics.