The Photonics Center – Collaboration for Business and Research, to be established in Joensuu, is a unique place designed for photonics companies and companies utilizing photonics to grow and develop.

The location within the Institute of Photonics at the University of Eastern Finland guarantees excellent opportunities for research cooperation and top professionals. The collaborative operating environment spreads topical information and know-how between individuals, companies and educational institutions of the industry.

The Photonics Center is jointly developed by the City of Joensuu, the North Karelia Regional Council, the University of Eastern Finland, the Institute of Photonics, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Riveria, The University Properties of Finland Ltd, PREIN – Photonics Research and Innovation, and Business Joensuu. In addition, several companies have been involved during the development process. All guided by a common vision: the Photonics Center becoming a world-class place, which further strengthens Joensuu’s already strong profile as a leading player in photonics.

Photonics Center is a combination of business, collaboration and research under the same roof that creates an infrastructure where experts, equipment and tailored services meet and unite towards a brighter innovative future. The newly built facilities support co-operation and enable the rental use of clean rooms, laboratories, office facilities and comprehensive accelerator services, all in the same location.

The MIRACLE project is an excellent example of the enabling power of such collaboration and how business and research complement each other, and together create innovation, with the MIRACLE system being an example of the outcome of that innovation. Having a physical space where collaboration is promoted, encouraged and supported, enables focus on creating phenomenal innovations of the future. Photonics Center will open in autumn 2021.