The first demonstrator is almost ready for laboratory experiments: during the last months OptoPrecision GmbH, as a member of the MIRACLE consortium and responsible for the manufacturing of the main unit, has produced and assembled all mechanical and electrical parts of the main unit. Nanoplus GmbH, as the responsible project member for the lasers, has delivered all required lasers. The fibers, produced by art photonics GmbH, expected to be available in December 2019. Thus, we have all required parts for the first demonstrator.

Finally, to be able to operate the unit, the dedicated software is currently under development: three institutions out of the consortium share this task across Europe – IRIS (Spain), NMBU (Norway), OptoPrecision (Germany). Besides the coordination in general the challenging aspect is the realization of a reliable working software based on different programming languages for each layer (human and machine to machine interfaces, data analysis model, hardware control) and being all together conform with the European Medical Device Regulation EU 2017/745.

Having all the required experts in the MIRACLE consortium, we are confident to get it done until the end of 2019. In the picture the main unit is depicted together with the fiber-based probe/handle for the surgeons to investigate the joints.