For the last two years and a half, Photonics Finland has been working as part of an EU-wide project called EPRISE: Empowering Photonics through Regional Innovation Strategies in Europe.

EPRISE is funded by the EU’s flagship Horizon2020 program and is formed of a consortium of nine European photonics clusters, all aiming to support small and medium sized photonics companies (SMEs) operating in the MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES, pharmaceuticals, agriculture or food markets.

We are pleased to share one of the project outcomes with you: the Go-to-Market booklet. This has been produced as a comprehensive guide for SMEs working with photonics, on how to overcome barriers to enter four different markets including the MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES market, for which the Miracle project device is targeted.
An e-book version is available here – download.

Content for the booklet was captured at a series of seven European Roadshow events, where market, technology and business experts shared their knowledge. Presentations from the roadshows and videos of the talks are also freely available on the project website, along with a number of other resources.