The first meeting of the CEN/CENELEC Workshop MIRACLE “Lens-based adaptor system for coupling fibre optic to laser sources” took place the last 8th of September.

A CEN/CENELEC Workshop is a temporary working group with the aim of developing a kind of standardization document called CEN/CENELEC Workshop Agreement, CWA.

The intended CWA promoted by MIRACLE is describing design and performance requirements and guidelines for a lens-based coupling adaptor system for fibre optic, intended for coupling fibres to mid-infrared and other types of semiconductor laser sources. This kind of simple but effective coupling adaptor has been designed during the project by partner nanoplus to solve practical problems found while using the traditional solution with parabolic mirrors to fit the requirements of the MIRACLE arthroscopy device. It has been then successfully tested in practical application.

This initially unexpected outcome of the project is also suitable to many other application fields in which these kinds of lasers are used. The CWA will help extend this technical solution to other sectors of application, allowing European industries to have a reference when designing their own adaptors. Including this kind of findings in new standards is a perfect tool for research and innovation projects, especially those receiving public funds, to trustfully transfer the generated knowledge which can then be adopted by a wide range of stakeholders, mainly from industry, but also from science, public administrations, etc. This increases in the medium term the real impact of the projects and, depending on the topic, can be an enhancer of their commercial exploitation chances.

The first Workshop meeting counted with the attendance of several MIRACLE partners together with external participants, supported by UNE and a representative from the CEN/CENELEC Management Centre. Currently, a second working draft of the document has been distributed to the participants, prior to a public commenting phase which will be soon announced through the CEN and CENELEC webpage. After all potential comments are considered and discussed, the publication of the final document is expected by early 2022. It will be available for free download from that webpage.