One of the objectives of MIRACLE project is to contribute to new standardization, so the developed technologies can be absorbed by European industry and potential users and customers can reach a greater level of confidence.

With this aim, MIRACLE is working with the European Standardization Organizations to establish a CEN and CENELEC Workshop on “Lens-based adaptor system for coupling fibre optic to laser sources”. The kickoff meeting of this group will be held next 8th September, and all interested stakeholders are now invited to join, though the CEN-CENELEC webpage.

A CEN-CENELEC Workshop is a group of stakeholders working during a limited term to elaborate a standard document named CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement (CWA), published by CEN and CENELEC, that can be freely used by European and worldwide stakeholders and that can serve as a first step towards a further EN or ISO standard.

The lens-based coupler developed by MIRACLE is a brand-new device with many advantages compared with traditional solutions, which is expected to have a promising future on several different industrial applications. You can find more information here.